Time To Tidy Up



Time to go vacuum.  The social worker comes tomorrow.   Looks like we’re going to need another little yellow room.



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Charlotte, out of the blue, initiated peekaboo with us tonight. We do this to her several times a day, and we reckon she wanted to return the favor.

Wednesday Radio Appearance With A Savage

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First Haircut!

First Haircut!

To further promote National Adoption Month, Leslie & I return for another appearance on “The Andy Savage Show”  TODAY at 3:00 p.m. on WCRV on both 640 AM & 100.7 FM in Memphis.

It is a 30-minute talk show hosted by Andy Savage, author of the children’s book Giant Love & is the Teaching Pastor at Highpoint Church in Memphis.

Topics will include adoption, faith, and go to wherever else Andy leads our discussion and maybe even some places you wouldn’t expect!

andysavagenoradioClick here to access “The Andy Savage Show” & its archives.

Can’t catch the show when it airs?  No worries!  You can click the show’s icon (or here) to access the program as a podcast once it is uploaded soon after the show.  Keep checking back and in the meantime listen to our first appearance here.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Passing Of A Grandfather


We are deeply saddened to learn that Charlotte’s birthfather’s dad just passed away.

While Leslie and I are hurting for Charlotte because she will not get to meet one of her grandfathers, our hearts hurt even more for her birthfather’s family who lost its patriarch at the young age of 55.  Not only are they faced with a devastating loss, their season of grieving comes on the heels of Thanksgiving and Christmas.  As someone who lost a parent at about this time last year, I understand how difficult getting through the holidays can be.

It is my hope as many of you as possible will add Charlotte’s birthdad’s family to your prayers, specifically for an abundance of support within and outside of the family and for the ability of the family to be able to deal with all of the paperwork and logistical issues that come following a family loss.


Free Series Aims To Help Interested Adopters

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Considering adoption?

Beginning your own journey to adopt?

Merely curious whether adopting is right for you?

A series of FREE adoption discussion nights will be taking place in Memphis this Fall that could help you answer some questions about a serious life decision.

Christ United Methodist Church, located at 4488 Poplar Avenue, is hosting the “Hearts For Adoption” series each Wednesday evening at 6:30 p.m. through November 20th.  The entire series will be held in Room 412, and the general public is invited to come to any and all nights of interest.  Although I am not a member of this particular church, I can tell you that I have spoken at Christ United before & it is a welcoming environment for all guests.

CUMC Adoption Series

The series itinerary. Whether you are interested in domestic adoption, international adoption, or just aren’t sure, there’s something for anyone wanting to know more about adopting a child.

Leslie and I will be guest speakers on October 16th, sharing our testimony, discussing our adoption journey so far, and answering your questions.  If Charlotte isn’t busy eating green beans or oatmeal, she might make a cameo appearance!Charlotte Tim Finger

There will be other terrific speakers that same night, and other evenings will feature a licensed clinical social worker, a prominent adoption attorney, as well as other experts in domestic & international adoptions.  You can even get tips on how to create your own adoption profile or scrapbook, the all-important first impression for a potential birthfamily to see.

If you live near Memphis & have even a remote interest in learning more about how you can have a such a positive impact by adopting, I hope you’ll be able to make time to attend part or the remainder of this series.

Excerpt: 13 Things I’ve Learned From My Daughter

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Charlotte Tim 5-25

The following is an excerpt from Tim’s new post:

As a dad, I understand that one of my responsibilities will be as a teacher. Whether it’s serious stuff like right from wrong or how to see through the B.S. of boys…or the silly little things like how to bait a fish hook or how to drink chocolate milk through a crazy straw, Charlotte will look to me to learn lots of things over the next 18+ years. Even now the chance to teach her trust, that Leslie & I will keep her safe, her tummy filled with good food & a dry diaper on her behind, means we are constantly in a teaching mode.

At the same time I’ve found myself learning a few things from & because of Charlotte.  I had no idea what to expect going into fatherhood, so some of these things are the confirmation (or the debunking) of preconceived beliefs, and some are mini epiphanies.  Nod, shake your head, or laugh if you’ve been there or can’t fathom what on earth I was thinking.  In no particular order:

  • While singing the alphabet song that plays on her jumparoo, I learned that “LMNOP” are actually five separate letters.
  • If the grunts when she poops are any indication, Charlotte will play women’s professional tennis…and do well!
  • She laughs at most everything I say to her.  Then again, she’s not the first female to laugh at me.
  • Speaking of women, I am so thankful for a marriage that makes for a peaceful home & can (hopefully) be a model for Charlotte to follow when her turn to start a family comes along.  There’s nothing Leslie wouldn’t do for either one of us…..

You’re cordially invited to check out the complete post, which can be found at Tim’s website on life as a husband, dad & weatherman at timvanhorn.com .  Clicking the link will open the post in a new window.  It will not take this window away from the Little Yellow Room.

Time Flies When You’re Having Fun!


Charlotte is now four and a half months old! I cannot believe how quickly time has gone by. She has had quite the adventurous past couple of months. She now rolls over the minute you put her on her tummy. It makes tummy time a little difficult, but we have brought in the Boppy to aid with that. Charlotte Boppy She has been sitting up assisted for a while now, so we invested in an activity chair. Charlotte LOVES it. It was so much fun watching her get used to it and figure out all the toys. It didn’t take long before she knew how everything on the activity chair worked! It is amazing how smart the little ones are. 20130820_070201

Last weekend was a huge weekend for Charlotte. It was our second attempt at “solid” food and it was a huge success! She ate up all that I had made. We started with rice cereal and have now moved to oatmeal. I always wanted to make her baby food, but with busy schedules and already missing so much, I don’t want to waste time making food that could be spent playing with her. And let’s get real, the hour after she goes to bed before I pass out it for some alone time with my main squeeze. After lots of research we have decided on the Happy Family brand of baby food. I am still going to try to make some, but I am very comfortable with this brand. Strange as it may sound, I do plan on trying everything before it goes into her mouth. It must at least resemble the veggie that it is. It may be bland, but it should still be edible. If I wouldn’t eat it, why would I let her? Maybe I am in the minority on this, but so be it. Charlottes first try at solids

Also, last weekend, I woke up to the sweetest sound on the baby monitor and look over, someone has found her feet!!! She has not let go of them since. When she eats, gets her diaper changed, sits in your lap, Charlotte is always holding onto her cute little baby feet. They have not made their way to her mouth yet, but it is just a matter of time. Charlottes feet

Weeks when she spends a lot of time at day care are pretty difficult. I know I am not the first and wont be the last working mom to miss her child, but that doesn’t make it easier. We are very fortunate to have a wonderful woman to watch after her and know she is always well taken care of. I have found myself getting jealous of the woman who watches her because she gets so much time with her. Fortunately some weeks, Tim is off most of my work week, so I get to spend lunch with them and rush home to see her, not wasting 45 minutes of Charlotte time picking her up from daycare. Of course, Grandma and Grandpa love to watch her as well. Shortly after her 4 month birthday, Grandma and Grandpa came over to watch Charlotte so Tim and I could have our first date night since she came home with us. It was strange going out to eat and not taking a car seat or seeing her smiling face.

Charlotte encountered her first stomach bug immediately followed by her first cold. It was so sad and scary to see her throwing up and having a runny nose and eye, but Charlotte never cried. It was crazy. If you looked at her you would never have known she was sick, but between the projectile vomit, dirty diapers and lack of appetite, we knew. She came through like a champ and is back to her healthy self. We are having the time of our life watching her learn and grow.

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